Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ida Mabel Nickett Blye and Freeport Odds and Ends

I received this photograph via email today.  This is my great (x2) aunt Ida Nickett Blye; the sister of Rose, Gerry, Mary, and Hannah Towle.  Her great-grandson, Chris, recently found me through and we've been sharing information.  Chris was unaware that his grandmother Ida had siblings; half, or otherwise.

I find it interesting to note that Ida is still wearing a wedding ring.  Her husband passed away in 1907.  I'm not sure when this photograph was taken but her clothing suggests the Edwardian Era (roughly 1890's-1914). 


In other news, on different branch: Today I saw that the former residence of my final sea captain grandfather, Captain James Creech, is up for sale again (still?) in Freeport, Maine.  He built the house in 1848 and my great (x3) grandmother, Frances Creech lived there from the time she was 12 until her marriage to my grandfather, Justus Richardson Brewer.   It's at 181 Main St - within walking distance of the village proper.  Presently, it's a B&B.  

Grandfather Captain James Creech's Former Home

During my trips to Maine, I've driven by but have never stayed there.  The original asking price back before the market fell was in $850,000 range.  I seriously doubt that they'd get anywhere near that price now.  Either way, it's still quite a lovely home.  

A map of Freeport, circa 1870 hangs on a wall in my house.  Homes from both sides of this branch are depicted living down the street from one another.   Both my Creech and Brewer grandparents are found buried nearby one another in the Woodlawn Cemetery.  Grandmother Frances Creech Brewer is there as well, having died during childbirth in 1869.

My master ship building grandfather, Charles Brewer's house is now a craft store in Freeport that sells beads and whatnot.  It's called Abacus.  

Former home of Grandfather Charles Brewer 

Life moves on, kids.


  1. Wow, one time we took a sailing trip from the owner of that B&B. We know the village well. The Harraseeket Lunch and lobster down on the dock is our favorite fried clam place. We'll drive two hours from NH to go there on a nice Summer day.

  2. I agree, the homes are quite lovely. Not to be rude, but you could you puhleaze begin concentrating on the branch that brings you closer to me?

  3. Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster is terrific! Freeport is one of my most favorite places. When I visit Maine, I rent a house out on flying point - I have another Freeport branch that lived there. It's quiet, on the water, and close enough to the village for dining and shopping. :)

  4. @ Annie, Hahahaha! I've promised my cousin Murielle Deschaine a visit so a trip to Waite and parts up north is in the cards, baby.

    You can navigate. :)

  5. How neat...I've always wanted to see an old homeplace still standing, even it had been updated.

    Great photos...