Friday, April 1, 2011

Fred Pratt, son of Walter & Alice, grandson of Fred & Grandfather

I knew I had a photo of my grandfather, Fred Pratt and me.  One.  One photo.  That's all.  Taken years after I'd moved from Maine in the summer of 1977.  And I knew it was around here...somewhere.  Tonight, while looking for another a photo, I found it.  Finally.

Okay, really it's a picture of my grandfather and me, my step-grandmother, Arlene, and my mom.  But if I make it big enough to see clearly, it won't fit on this page.

Laurie Pratt Sisk, Fred W Pratt, Arlene Pratt, Sandra Pratt
August 1977

I had spent a lot of time on that side of the table with my grandpa on weekend afternoons when the grown-ups would play cribbage.  My grandfather had the patience of Job.  And he could multi-task a hand of cards, a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a granddaughter on his lap making non-stop commentary on pictures she was looking at on a Viewmaster.  And he always behaved as if everything I had to say was totally interesting.

My grandpa was The Bomb, baby.


  1. That could be your dad and Sabrina! Although, I see your uncle Tony more.

  2. Uncle Tony is built just like my grandpa - same frame. Tony has the same mannerisms, too. In that respect, my dad takes after the Carons. Sure wish you could have met my Uncle Denis. The resemblance between Uncle Denis and my dad was creepily uncanny.